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Sons of the Seven|Competitive PvX Community
A Competitive Gaming Community
  • We’re diehard AoC fans – it originally brought us all together. That doesn’t mean we don’t play other games. You’ll find us pushing the envelope in new competitive dynamic PvX releases in order to continue to hone our skills and build comradery or hanging out playing new hit releases.
  • Our dedicated Ashes of Creation chapter has pledged over $60k for the development team.
  • We attend PAX and other conventions as a group.
  • Ask about our handsewn nerd flex Guild Banner – We aren’t shy.
  • We’ve organized ourselves around an intense mercantilism core leveraging several IRL economic/strategy professionals within our ranks
  • This core is supported by a tried and tested hardcore PvP roster and proven logistics management to keep them pushing forward
  • We prepare our roster for success by keeping progression simple and based on merit through a curated referral system
  • We are no stranger to hardcore competitive gaming - Our community includes deeply experienced stable leadership and the network of friendly peers to keep them learning and succeeding
  • Our members have access to deep guides, hardcore theorycrafting, and diplomacy support for all official active game chapters
  • Information is power – We take it seriously and support our community with a strong intelligence network to give them the keys to success in large scale competitive games
  • We run on a system of spreadsheets – check back in soon as we are integrating our own web apps with discord to seamlessly match up member contribution and incentives
  • We are always excited to dive into new releases and are actively seeking large scale opportunities to game together
  • Most recently we dove into the hardcore world of Atlas on official NA PVP servers for Season One. Some highlights include:
    • We started by creating a humble haven for trade and smaller organizations in our home server. We grew quickly as we successfully defended our server vs. hostile pirate factions and gained notoriety with our neighbors. The cultivation of our trade and diplomatic network eventually became a critical resource for our largest neighbors
    • As a growing presence we began to take on the largest threats the game had ever seen, including the relentless Chinese fleet. Through common enemies, diplomacy, and our reputation for being fair but combat ready at all hours we united our home server and provided stability to the region
    • As a pillar within the alliance we set ourselves apart by specializing in small fleet flanking tactics, intelligence gathering, and enthusiastic harbor annihilation, often critically damaging the opposition our alliance was engaged in. With our main allies OwO (Legacy) and the SNC coalition, we filled a role unmatched in combat. This would lead on to create some of our fondest friendships and memories to date
  • Next up on our list is Starbase and we are looking forward to seeing you all there!



Sons of the Seven is based on a combination of laissez-faire economics and a focus on mercantilism merged with a strong militaristic core to defend both our interests as well as that of our allies. Maintaining and extending our influence is done through the wise application of hard and/or soft power as needed.


The respectable conduct of our members is the foundation on which the Sons of the Seven is built. We recognize that Primacy can be achieved through backstabbing, treachery, and villainy, but we believe the path best chosen is the one of honorable intent.


Primacy and Ethics alone are insufficient qualities to produce a lasting influence in competitive environments. Power can be lost. Gold can be stolen. Intent can be corrupted. Therefore, every system we build or action we take is held against our standards of Involvement and purpose as well as our long-term Vision.




Trinity Choice

GET INVOLVED(Recruitment Open!)

We've recently opened a nostalgia filled chapter for Classic WoW and will be opening a chapter for Starbase upon receipt of a date for Early Access. We are also actively following the progress of the following titles: A:IR, Fractured MMO, Oath, CoE, Last Oasis, Camelot Unchained.

If you are interested in getting to know us, please feel free to use the discord link below. We welcome anyone to stop by and say hello. If you are interested in getting involved more deeply don’t hesitate to use the application link either, someone will reach out to you promptly. We are always looking forward to meeting new people.