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Guild Charter

Sons of the Seven is founded upon three core values, or Pillars. Each Pillar is further divided into Sub-Pillars which qualify the vision and expectations of the guild. These Pillars and Sub-Pillars guide the decisions and behavior of the Sons of the Seven, and we hold them in reverence.


  • Economic Eminence
  • Military Might
  • Political Power


  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment


  • Involvement
  • Purpose
  • Vision

As the pillars of Khazad-dûm support the weight of the overlying mountain, so too do the Pillars of the Sons of the Seven carry the responsibility of the guild. Each member is accorded representation within the guild in matters ranging from mercantilism and manufacturing to diplomacy and warfare. Thus, all members must uphold the values of our order for continued prosperity and mutual friendship. The Sons of the Seven Guild Charter is a contract of commitment both from the leadership to its members and from each member to the well-being of the guild.


Sons of the Seven endeavors to become a principal player within Ashes of Creation. One of our primary goals is to achieve an early foothold within a node and push to a dominant regional role. This motivation extends to the creation of a metropolis level settlement where we can exercise our influence as defined by the three sub-pillars of Primacy.

Economic Eminence

Sons of the Seven will be based on a combination of laissez-faire economics and a strong focus on mercantilism. Guild members will have the freedom to make their own decisions in terms of monetary gain while assisting in the overall growth of the guild. This system allows individuals with motivation and guile to maneuver themselves into positions of wealth and gain influence among other players. In the early stages of Ashes of Creation, a strong focus will be placed on building internal systems to help members reach their own goals. While direct involvement in the Economic Eminence sub-pillar of the guild is not required, it is highly recommended. However, we recognize that not all players may have an interest in this form of gameplay, and we encourage those players to assist in the development of the guild by other means. There will be a home for every play style within Sons of the Seven, but those with a smart mind and a quick wit for business will find themselves well respected and rewarded.

Military Might

As civilization establishes itself out of the ashes of the world, conflict and chaos will erupt between rivals. Sons of the Seven is committed to protecting our goods and political standing, and we will respond preemptively if necessary. A division of the guild will be focused on maintaining order and ensuring that business can be conducted without undue risk to person or property.

Political Power

Sons of the Seven will work with alliance members to devise tactics and strategies to defend and promote our shared interests. We will work with the other guilds within our metropolis and node system to fight for common benefit. We will maneuver through the political climate with our allies, establish a powerful crafting and trading office, and utilize our extensive player experience in continued expansion and development.


The respectable conduct of our members is the foundation on which the Sons of the Seven empire is built. We recognize that Primacy can be achieved through backstabbing, treachery, and villainy, but we believe the path best chosen in the one of honorable intent. How one plays the game is just as important as how well one plays.


Honor is respect to oneself and one’s enemies. Sons of the Seven expects all members to respect one another and to extend that same respect to outsiders insofar as it is appropriate. For an empire to last, it must be respected by both its ideals and the practical application of its values. Without holding members to a certain higher standard, we cannot expect to sustain a lasting influence on Ashes of Creation. We also believe that honorable battle is a worthy cause. Errant player-killing falling outside of battle is prohibited. War targets, bounty targets, and other approved blacklist targets are, however, encouraged and rewarded by the guild.


No other guild comes first. This is expected of all members. The more that a member puts into the guild, the more they’ll receive out of it. Our leadership recognizes allegiance as an important value that helps drive the overall success of the guild, and we reward fidelity with responsibility and wealth.


Any successful organization is founded upon the commitment of its members and leadership. Building and sustaining a competitive but welcoming community requires active engagement from all its members. All are expected to uphold the values contained herein in both their interactions with fellow members as well as external parties.


Primacy and Ethics alone are insufficient qualities to produce a lasting influence on Ashes of Creation or any game of this type. Power can be squashed through the backdoor dealing of disenchanted rivals. Economic superiority can be usurped with reorganized intent of smaller empires. And honorable intent can be eroded away by the practicalities of maintaining power. Thus, the final and third Pillar of the Sons of the Seven is Governance. The exercise of superior leadership must be utilized in guiding through the treacherous waters of power and influence.


The inclusion and participation of guild members in both in-game events and out-of-game social interactions is a necessity in building camaraderie and friendship. We encourage all members to actively contribute and interact with other members via Discord. Not only will you have more fun by getting to know your guild on a personal level, but you’ll have a greater impact on the direction the guild takes in future events. Members are expected to involve themselves as much as they feel comfortable in contributing ideas, knowledge, and wealth to other members of the guild.


We want all members to feel as if they have a purpose in Sons of the Seven whether through crafting, PvP, or organizing the duties of other members. We recognize the unique talents of our members and strive to provide each player a role that best fits their own strengths and proclivities. It is the diversity of talent and recognition thereof that will carry Sons of the Seven into a position of dominance in the games that we play.


The direction of Sons of the Seven will be a deliberate and purposeful course as determined by leadership, its council, and contributing members. We strive to have fun above all else, and we believe this to be achieved most effectively by an organized and dedicated order of friends and fellows. Where we go, we go together, and we believe this to be the most important part of our journey.